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Welcome to Greencast - Turf Solutions

The PRIMO MAXX effect


PRIMO MAXX promotes greener, denser, more resilient turf with less growth, fewer clippings and therefore less expensive maintenance.

Greens Avondale

Stop Destructive Stem Weevil

SPINNER consistently controls ASW larvae throughout summer

Healthy greens

Summer Turf Solutions

Setting your greens up for the peak golf season is a key priority at this time of year...

Barricade Teaser

Easy Weed Control. Trust Barricade.

Barricade - pre-emergent control of weeds in established turf, garden beds and nursery...

SpraySure Application

Accuracy and Performance

Accurate spray application is an essential element of getting the best result

Weed Control - golf

Total Weed Control

Powerful herbicides deliver pre- and post-emergent control of grasses and broadleaf...